Athens, city Center

Athens, city Center


Acropolis, located in historical center and dominates the city of Athens, is an incomparable cultural heritage monument that contains the classical spirit of the ancient Greek culture. Its central building, the sacred temple of the Parthenon is dedicated to Athina Parthenos (Athina The Virgin). It dominates the sanctuary of the ancient hill, while it is associated with some of the most important Athenian ancient myths. Additional monuments, unique masterpieces of the ancient architecture from the 5th Golden Age of Pericles, are in harmony with the natural environment.

The Ancient Agora was the political and social center of the ancient Athens. It was used not only for commercial but also cultural purposes. In the premises were public buildings, sanctuaries and fountains. Many craftsmen of the time also gathered there, creating their own workshops. Additional buildings were added during the Roman era. Today all together are the current remaining attractions that one could admire from that time

Athens has a variety of museums to present. Some of the most important being the National and Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis Museum, the old Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine and Christian Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art, the Numismatic Museum and many others of various of interest. In these museums one can find invaluable treasures from ancient times to modern times.

Varvakeios is the emblematic municipal market of metropolitan Athens as well as one of the most organized neighborhood markets. It houses all those who trade products such as meat, fish and vegetables. It is located in the heart of the city and its commercial triangle. Enjoy an important visit to experience the local delicious culture of raw materials, agricultural products and flavors of Greece. It is within walking distance from Omonia Square, the City Hall in Kotzia Square as well as from Monastiraki Square.

Located in the very heart of the Athens center, Monastiraki is the reference point for many years in modern Athens. In the square dominates the small church of Pantanassa, used to be a nunnery during the Byzantine times. Around the Square is the Tzistaraki Mosque (1759), today is used as a museum. Next to the Mosque is a section of the Hadrian's Library (132 AD), the Metro Station, souvenir shops, second-hand shops and other shops waiting for the visitor to discover them. Monastiraki was the old bazaar and currently Athens flees market.

City Lifestyle

Athens is known for its entertainment! The visitor can find a variety of activities – international & local theatrical performances, outdoor International & local concerts (from Rock to Classical music), Argentine Tango, Byzantine Music, and Greek Dance shows.
Athens also offers a variety of Culinary and Gastronomy choices from quality authentic Greek cuisine to gastronomy cuisine all prepared by our internationally known chefs. Locals and visitors can enjoy the traditional Greek Music (Rembetika-Laika-Folkloric) drinking slowly and sharing their Greek Meze over several hours.
Over the years, the nightlife scene in Athens has become a collection of sophisticated hot spots found not only in the city center but also in the Athens Metropolitan area.

Athenian Riviera

Only 25 minutes’ drive from Athens center is the Athenian Riviera. The visitors can swim or do water sports in anyone of the many organized beaches. Many hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, nights clubs and bars are found along the coast. Direct access from Athens center is also available by various means of transport. Some of the southern suburbs that found on the coastal front are Faliro, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni and Sounio where the temple of Poseidon dominates.

Sounio Area 

Sounio is a special landscape unique beauty. An ideal location for a half or full day trip experience.The visitors can enjoy the clear blue waters views and admire the Temple of Poseidon, a monument of exceptional archaeological interest. In addition, one is worth exploring the National Park of Sounio, known for its interspersed caves and other karstic formations.

Spata Vineyards

Only 45 minutes from Athens center one can visit the Spata Vineyards and wineries. A wine tasting reference point for lovers of good wine. The local wineries producers provide winery tour visits and tasting by sharing their knowledge. The earth richness in combination with the sun helps the vineyards to produce the best quality of the grapes. In every glass of wine one can smell and taste the aromas, the colors and the flavors that the landscape offers. Just in the area one can also visit the church of Zoodochos Pigi with frescoes painted by Fotis Kontoglou as well as the Temple of Artemis.

Marathon historic area

Marathonas is a Historically significant point. This is where the battle of Marathon took place in 490 BCE and the Greeks defeated the Persians. According to modern historians and scholars, it is one of the most important moments in the history of mankind. The archeological site of Ramnounta is a unique monument of the area as well as the archeological museum of Marathon.


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