Central Greece (Kalambaka - Meteora - Trikala)

Central Greece (Kalambaka - Meteora - Trikala)

In the mainland of Greece lies the land of Thessaly. Just between the mountain range of Pindos and where the river Pinios flows, the vertical rocks of Meteora rise. A result that emerged from the force of nature that took place 30 million years ago that sunk the region of Thessaly and turned it into a lake. This is how the folds in the rocks were formed. The first ascetics settled on these rocks were in the 11th century. They climbed the rocks, creating ascetic cells. Thirty monasteries were later established but today only six have been renovated and are in operation welcoming every visitor-pilgrim. Meteora belongs to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites as a cultural and natural asset of special importance. The flat country of Kalabaka and Trikala that stretches around this natural landscape, seduce the visitor who is ready to discover the secrets of this special place.

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