Crete Island

Crete Island

Crete is known for its primary sector and the primary production products grown in Cretan land. The primary production is one of the most important activities within the local population. Some of the Cretan products that have reference point to the Mediterranean diet are olive oil, honey, nuts, raki, wine as well as the many wild herbs and greens. Many of those products are dated back from the Minoan times. Livestock (goats and sheep) as well as fruit and vegetables are both in the main field of Cretan economic activities.

Cretan cuisine is known to be the foundation of the Mediterranean diet. It dates back to the Minoan civilization and based on the archeological findings we now know the many similarities that exist between the diet then and today. Locally produced fruits, vegetables, olive oil, raki, nuts, legumes are just some of the products with a protected designation of origin. It is not only about the excellent quality of the ingredients used but also their eating habits. As a result of the Cretan diet, is the good health and a quality lifestyle. The high rates of longevity among the Cretans confirm this.

The archeological sites of Crete are located around the island. The island has several museums, with a variety of themed exhibits. It is a common assumption that the Minoan civilization, named after King Minos, was born and developed in Crete. The ancient cities of Knossos and Phaistos are dated from this period. Furthermore, the archaeological excavation made by famous archaeologist Arthur Evans, brought to light many findings as his discovery revealed the whole of the Minoan civilization. Knossos archeological site is the place that one should definitely visit.

Crete is a highly tourist destination for all seasons Its internationally recognized beaches, its products, the well-known Cretan diet, its climate as well as its special flora & fauna and finally the people along with their hospitality, complete the Cretan puzzle creating the ultimate destination for every guest.

Agrotourism is highly developed and very widespread on the island. Agrotourism is highly developed and very widespread on the island. The island's freshness and tranquility combined with its unique landscapes offers the special experience of alternative tourism. We invite each guest to live the unique experience of the local culure and perform agricultural work such as picking olives, harvesting fruits and vegetables, caring for livestock animals and processing cheese products.

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