Drama-Kilkis (Lake Kerkini)

Drama-Kilkis (Lake Kerkini)

The beautiful and hospitable cities of Drama and Kilkis, with the picturesque neighborhoods, large squares, green areas and the well-preserved neoclassical mansions are both known not only as a winter destination but also their autumn and spring excursions in the unadulterated nature.

Lake Kerkini is one of the 10 Wetlands of International Importance in Greece (also known as Ramsar Wetlands). It is also one of the 196 Important Bird Areas of Greece (IBA), and Special Protection Area (SPA - Directive 79/409 / EEC).
At least 300 species of birds have been observed in the lake and the surrounding mountains, where 50 of them are included in the Red List of Birds of Greece. The largest number of water buffaloes in Greece exist in lake Kerkini, which have adapted to live in wetlands.

The local cuisine of Lake Kerkini you will enjoy are buffalo-based flavors. The buffalo meat and its products are the landmark for the gastronomic tourism of the area.

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