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«ΦΙΛΟΤΙΜΟ» (filótimo) FILOTIMO a Unique Greek Word

«ΦΙΛΟΤΙΜΟ» (filótimo) FILOTIMO a Unique Greek Word

“Filotimo” is a Greek word that characterizes the mentality and culture of an entire nation. It expresses a noble way of behaving in everyday life and towards our fellow human beings. It is unique to Greeks. It is actually a word that no accurate translation exists in other languages. The well-known Greek philologist and linguist Georgios Babiniotis, in his “Dictionary of Greek Modern Language” translates the word “Filotimo” as a strong sense of personal honor and dignity, a conscientious effort to perform one’s duty. The Greeks use this word to express not only love to their fellow man and society as a whole, but also their devotion for their homeland and family. “Filitimo” is also interpreted as sincere selfless kindness in respect to fellow men.


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