Cyclades (Santorini-Myconos-Paros-Naxos)

Cyclades (Santorini-Myconos-Paros-Naxos)


Santorini is probably one of the most popular Cycladic islands complex. The unique sunsets, the volcano and its Caldera all overlooking the infinitive blue, makes it the number one destination. It is the ultimate enchanting destination offering a variety of activities and attractions that differentiates it worldwide.
Furthermore, Santorini is known for its famous wines and its unique vineyards, its rare fava beans, capers and white eggplants. A visitor can enjoy winetasting in one of the various local wineries. As far as to the archaeological interests one can visit the prehistoric settlement of Acrotiri.


Mykonos is the island with a special impact worldwide. Together with Santorini, they are among the most famous islands globally. Even though Mykonos is a popular and cosmopolitan destination, at the same time it retains its picturesque aspect that has to do with tradition. The paved streets and alleys of the island represent the architectural trademark that prevails in the Cyclades island complex. The island’s nightlife and attractions go hand in hand on a constant journey of contrasts. The windmills and "Peter the Pelican" are reference points for years, something like symbols of the island whose fame reaches the other side of the earth.


Paros Island is one of most popular destinations that meet the needs different visitors. It is also known for the important church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani (6th ACE) located in Parikia. A visitor can discover the beauties of the villages and among them the picturesque village of Lefkes. It is located at the highest hill of the island where the visitor can walk in the cinematic settings of squares and its alleys. The many sandy beaches of the island are suitable for every taste from quiet, isolated, noisy and always cosmopolitan


Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades complex. It is a destination for every demanding visitor. Naxos chora is the main town that one must walk the special cobbled streets and through the Venetian Castle.
Naxos is the Cycladic Island famous for its local agriculture & livestock production. Naxos primary production enables them to produce a large variety of high quality known local food products.
Some of the island’s most famous attractions include the Portara next to the main port, the marble gate of the temple of Apollo and its Cycladic Art Archaeological Museum. All of them are of high archaeological interest. Last but not the least is Naxos golden beaches that will make even the most demanding visitor happy.

Cycladic Culture

Traces of a special culture called Cycladic Culture have been found in the Cycladic islands. Even thought the local Cycladians, were seafaring people, they developed not only the sea trade but also the Cycladic Arts. The abundant and excellent quality of local marble gave the raw material to the sculptors, who carved from utensils and small objects to the famous Cycladic figurines. The average height of the figurines was approximately 25-30 cm, but there are figurines found up to 153 cm height. They usually represent naked women, standing with their hands on their chests, long necks, sloping soles with engraved few details. The figurines are the first example of art of ancient Greek culture and are 5000 years old.

About Tourism 

Tourism is considered one of the main financial income sources for the Greek economy today. Both the Greek islands as well as the mainland are considered main tourist destinations. Upon arrival, the visitor will discover and experience the many locations of interest that includes unlimited beaches, mountains, gorges & lakes. The high quality accommodation offered all over Greece includes from Deluxe Hotels (International & local chains) to local family run establishments, all gear to offer the best customer satisfaction. Due to the high global demand for quality nutrition in the recent years, the Greek Gastronomic Tourism as well as Agro Tourism has been further developed to offer the visitor the highest of a different new tourism experience that one has probably ever had before. “Taste-Locality-Culture” is served in one dish.


The art and practice of winemaking has been known in Greece from the antiquities. In Greece exist many varieties of wines. Some of them stand out and have gained popularity worldwide. The Greek wines are available in many European and American cities.
The famous Visanto from Santorini made from locally produced sun-dried grapes is at the top of the Greek wine culture of the Cyclades.
Wine tastings are available for all wine lovers in most wineries all over the country.

Traditional Local Cuisine

The extended periods of sunshine have led the local population of Cyclades islands over the years of producing their own local products, such as sun-dried octopus, tomatoes, okra, raisins and much more. The products are kept in handmade clay pots to ensure longer shelve-life and improve the taste. Fresh locally produce greens and vegetables as well as the local fished fresh seafood are the main ingredients for most dishes from the Cycladic cuisine. Traditionally, legumes and red meat (mainly lamb and goat), are placed in traditional clay pots (reminiscent of ancient amphorae) or in covered pots and baked in low heat overnight in wood ovens.
The savory pies, unlike the rest of Greece, they are prepared, fried and served as an individual portion where normally pies are oven baked in large pans.
Another common custom is to accompany all their meals with cheese either homemade or from a local dairies. One will find wonderful local Cycladic cheeses from either sheep milk or goat milk.
Cheese is also used as a dessert, such as melitini (small treats usually served at Easter).

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