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Athens Among the Top 3 Tango European Destinations

Athens Among the Top 3 Tango European Destinations

Athenians are known for their "out-going-ness", for their warm hearts, their warm handshakes, and their hospitality. Even though Argentine Tango have become popular Greece just a few decades ago, the Greek temperament along with the similarities between the Greek and Argentinian lifestyle, customs, and mentality, form the base for the creation of a very promising Argentine tango scene in Athens, one of Europe's most important historically and culturally capitals. In fact, Athens is rated among the top 3 tango destinations in Europe.

“Tangopolis” is the brand-new tango hotspot in the heart of Athens. It is centrally and conveniently located within walking distance from the cultural triangle formed by the Parthenon, the Acropolis Museum, and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Its central and convenient location makes it easily accessible by the means of public transportation and offers diverse accommodation and dining options. “Tangopolis”, made with "meraki" (passion) and lots of love, is decorated with urban/ industrial elements combined with a traditional "hint". It is a warm and friendly venue, open to anyone who wishes to discover the magic of Argentine tango, by taking the first steps in dancing or even just enjoying a fine glass of wine in the fully equipped bar while listening to the beautiful music and poetry of Tango.

For the founders of Tangopolis, Chloe and Dionisis Theodoropoulos, a couple in life and in dance, Tango a lifestyle. And that is what they envisage to bring out to their students and followers. Tangopolis is their base, where they give regular classes, organize practicas and milongas (tango parties/ evenings), and seek to acquaint the Athenian crowd with the culture of Tango and Tango's "Best of..."

Dionisis and Chloe are tango dancers, teachers, choreographers and milongueros embracing Argentine Tango in all its nuances. They have a 15-year teaching experience and have achieved international recognition, in Europe and abroad. Winners of the Tango Acropolis Championship in Stage Tango, and the first Greek dancers to tour the world with internationally renowned Argentinian dance company, "Tango Seduccion". They feature in high-scale theatre tango performances and travel regularly in Greece and abroad (France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Lebanon, Israel, Cyprus, USA etc), invited in important tango festivals (Cyprus Tango Meeting, Lebanon Tango Encuentro, El Abrazo tango Festival Metz, Monaco Tango Festival, Napoli Tango Festival, Stockholm Tango Festival among others), giving workshops, performing in milongas and in the theatre.

Join Dionisis and Chloe at Tangopolis and discover the magic of Tango.  

17, Antisthenous str. Athens/ Greece

FB: tangopolis by Chloe Dionisis

Instagram: tangopolis_chloe.dionisis

tel: +30 6985161796'


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