Peloponnese Region

Peloponnese Region

Primary production in the Peloponnese region is particularly important. Many of its products such as olives, olive oil, wine, cheeses, honey, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts as well as animal origin products lie within the protected designation of origin.

The Peloponnese cuisine is based on the olive and the world-famous olive oil. Kalamon olives are the ones that dominate the entire area and grow in the most remote places. The high quality and the authentic flavors emerge in the Peloponnese cuisine without the need of additional spices or butter. Most local dishes are casserole cooked. The meat is simmered and usually accompanied by legumes or vegetables. Furthermore, fish such as cod and lacquer, is part of the Peloponnese cuisine.

Some of the most Archaeological sites, Archaeological Museums and Monuments are located in Peloponnese. Some of the well-known Archaeological Sites & Museums include Ancient Olympia, Mycenae, Ancient Epidaurus, Ancient Corinth and Ancient Nemea. Visitors can also admire the famous castles of Methoni-Koroni, Monemvasia and Mystras. Additionally, visitors can also explore the Olive & Greek Olive Museum as well as the Museum of Copper.

Peloponnese offers a vast variety interests for every guest. From the relaxed sandy beaches, to the outdoor mountain and river activities and the archeological and historical interest. In addition, it provides ideal locations for alternative tourism such as Agrotourism. In the recent years, in surrounding mountainous and non-mountainous villages of the area of Messinia a new form of tourism has be developed called “Farmhouse Holidays”. During their stay, the guests can involve themselves in the daily agricultural or livestock activities. Based on the period of their visit the guests have an opportunity to participate in the olive harvest and oversee the processing olive oil. Guest can also combine other activities such as cooking demonstration or sports outdoor events such as horseback riding in the forest.






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